884 Decryptor UltegraIt speaks a lot of languages, is fast, it has a lot of knowledge and is able to get by in every situation. A really nice resume. This is how the 884 Decryptor Ultegra introduces itself, as the best cloning device according to Jeremy Phillips, Training Director of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia.


The technological rush to make the automotive keys more safe and to allow locksmiths to supply copies to their clients in an easy, efficient and affordable way knows no halt. The best specialists, closed in top secret laboratories, strive with algorithms and electronic boards to make possible what, until yesterday, seemed just an utopia.


In this particularly dynamic market, the 884 Decryptor Ultegra represents an anchorage. So to speak. Its fast and astonishing evolution has made it to be a true “Best-In-Class“, making thousands and thousands of locksmiths and drivers very happy.


Its computing capacity is extraordinary, much greater than the one needed at present, and is so versatile that is able to program not only all the fixed code transponders, but also 36 auto remote controls, natural evolution of the field, while handling proficiently the proximity technology and cloning the Commodore heads without any additional accessories.


Speaking about the second generation 40-bit Texas Crypto and Philips Crypto, the 884 Decryptor Ultegra works swiftly in stand-alone mode, covering, on the whole, more than 1000 models of cars, including 57 Keyless System models. And when it comes to supplying information about the different transponders, it’s a true font of knowledge.


All these features are integrated in a light, robust, small-sized object, making it easy to carry. Fingers can move smoothly on its keyboard, opening intuitive menus along easy and understandable sequences and, by connecting it to Instancode, the creation of an archive of clients and keys becomes an automatic and advantageous process.


The expansion possibilities are limitless and allow it to keep up with the technological evolution of the transponders, a considerable guarantee for a field that updates its components almost every day (and free of charge!).


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