994 laser - electronic key duplicating machine

In 2004, the American Barnes Distribution asked Keyline to come up with a new electronic duplicating machine for flat and laser keys that would revolutionise the automotive industry.

The designers of the Research and Development office immediately began work on a concept design with compactness and features never before seen, focussing on the achievement of maximum results in key encryption.


Thus was how the 994 Laser was developed, a machine that, with its features that are still cutting edge, continues to be used with success.


One of the objectives was extreme versatility of use: four clamps were produced for laser keys and one for flat keys, to which was added the “F” clamp for countless car systems, all of which are easily replaceable thanks to an effective locking system that removes the need for optional adapters and accessories.


The clamps introduce a further important aspect of innovation: the built in tip stop is a special Keyline patented system for the fast, safe and absolutely stable positioning of the key.


Laser 994 is in some respects the machine of patents: the top insertion system of the Widia cutter with immediate auto calibration is a unique Keyline achievement . But there are many technical characteristics that make it a revolutionary model: its small size and low weight, full protection of the cutting area for safety of the operator, the option of connection with the automatic chip suction system and the tracer point that is always ready to use without the need for special manoeuvres.


From an electronic perspective, the console is distinguished by the wide touch screen and intuitive software that makes the working procedures very easy.


Let’s imagine a practical situation: a customer asks us to duplicate his car key. With the 994 Laser there are three possibilities. We can enter the key code via the alphanumeric keypad and then proceed to cut the blank key. But if the customer doesn’t know the code there is a database available to search for the model and the year of the car. Alternatively the lock system can be chosen from a saved list.


Having reached the cutting page, if we know the code, with the code Encryption mode, the system reproduces the encryption on the key without first having to read it. If instead we don’t know this code, using the Decoding mode the system will reproduce the code on the sample key after having read the depths of the key.


But it may well be that the cutting depth of the key has to be entered manually. In Encryption for depth mode, the display will show the shape of the key on the basis of the encryptions set and then proceeds to cutting.


These are all operations that the 994 Laser performs with absolute precision, responding immediately to the commands of the operator, features that make it even today a solid point of reference within the automotive industry.


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