Arcadia KeylinePut together the myth of Arcas, Capitan Harlock starship and the difficulties in duplicating the tubular keys, mix it all together with the creativity of Keyline and as if by magic you will have an extraordinary key cutting machine.


The tubular keys need indeed a particular approach. Their shape, with grooves around the hollow cylinder, request a machine able to work with precision in a particular way and with a considerable attention during the duplicating process.


A professional locksmith needs simple, enduring and safe solutions. As always, a great idea was needed. And sometimes inspiration comes from far away, maybe while losing yourself watching the stars in the sky.


A daydream


Recognizing the constellations, up there in the nocturnal sky, is not a simple task, but the Big Dipper is one of those constellations that you can’t miss, with the Pole Star that is a reliable point of reference. First he was a god, Arcas, that gave his name at that idyllic place where the nature looks after mankind, the Arcadia, that is also the wonderful starship of Capitan Harlock, main character of a film shown in the last Venice Film Festival and of a fabulous TV series of the 80’s…

And here’s the idea of a machine that looks like that starship, brilliant as Arcas, resolved as the Arcadia.


Creativity at work


The design develops the shapes creating for the engine an astern “bridge house”, as if it was an elegantly rounded galleon. Arranging than a “forecastle deck” towards the bow, where the “deckhouse” of the jaw and of the cutter arise, and to sail in every situation it has been equipped with a wide selection of adaptors expanding continuously. Wonderful.


Even the safety is that of a starship: the electronic control starts the cutter only when in proximity of the key, the safety screen protects the operator and the led lamp guarantees an excellent visibility. And to support even the economic needs, the engineering of the machines makes it possible to use adaptors that already exist optimizing the investment. Magnificent.


It’s known that in Keyline often the pirates’ flag flutters, just like Capitan Harlock, that in this case is Harlock…smith while sailing towards the Polar Star with his new Arcadia.