Among the novelties presented at Keyline Distributors’ Meeting, 2014, one stands out for the big name. It is a sophisticated key profile reader. And its name is Camillo Bianchi.

The identification of the key is the first step in the duplication process, a moment that often takes away time and requires an experienced locksmith. The passion of Camillo for everything related to the key, his expertise and his dedication translate themselves ideally in the quality of this new reader: a friendly look and a great knowledge that make our lifes easier. As a modern mentor.


Lettore chiavi piatte Camillo Bianchi Keyline


A tribute to a great pioneer


In the ’60s, Camillo Bianchi interpreted the signs of the times and the evolution of the key. These were the years of the Beatles and of the Rolling Stones, but especially of the desire for emancipation that crossed the social groups kept on the margins. There was a need for more freedom and equality, but, commercially speaking, even for more keys.


Duplicating the house keys meant recognizing the autonomy of children, and duplicating the car keys meant recognizing the rights of the wife. These are things that we now take for granted, but at the time, when Camillo Bianchi was experimenting new technological solutions, it was not so.


Camillo’s revolution were the new generation of keys that came out from his creativity, as the colorful plastic heads, and especially the modern mechanical and electronic duplication, which spread globally a new technological vision.



Viva the speed. And the precision


Saving time is today a crucial need. For this reason, after realizing a hyper-speed cutting machines, Keyline has introduced this new tool.


You insert a double or single sided edge cut key and the reader in less than three seconds shows on the 7″ display a preview of the best profile, without pressing any button. A nice convenience for every retail store, because it allows you not only to easily manage the warehouse, but also to make autonomous the newly recruited or however inexperienced.


A new technological jewel, an instrument so comfortable that you quickly get used to it, and also a beautiful symbol of the long history of Keyline’s innovation.