duplicare chiavi auto Car transponder keys are somewhat complex objects. As we know, inside the plastic head there is a fairly sophisticated transponder that, for security reasons, contains the codes necessary for ignition of the vehicle.


We can say straight away that certain transponders cannot be duplicated due to the lack of information and complexity of the algorithms, such as for example Megamos Crypto or the new 128 bit transponders. But all those that can be duplicated can be done so easily thanks to the revolutionary Keyline technology.


Leaving aside the mechanical aspect, that can be resolved with a Keyline duplicating machine that can be chosen depending on the type of key, let’s focus on the electronic issues that can be resolved with the 884 Decryptor Ultegra device without the need for an internet connection or additional tools.


Fixed code transponders are cloned in a few seconds simply by reading the original and copying the id onto the copy. Crypto transponders instead require a few more minutes but the process is equally simple and straightforward.


The first step is to prepare the copy key by following the standard procedure. Then the electronic control system of the car is switched on three times with the copy key: in this way the electronic head records the data sent by the car control unit. Cloning is then completed by following the instructions of the 884 Decryptor Ultegra that uses the data stored by the electronic head to calculate the secret key of the original key.


All types of transponders can be duplicated using for the copy the TK100, the first and only universal electronic head, except for the first generation Philips Crypto which instead requires the TK50 head.


The 884 Decryptor Ultegra is the first device in the world that also enables duplication of the transponder keys by remote control using as the head the RK60.


Keyline also holds another record: duplication of key-less systems, i.e. “keys” without the mechanical part, the result of incessant research in the field of automotive technology.


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