how to avoid losing keysThe grandfathers of yore used to roam around the room reciting an old Latin chant: “Si quaeris miracula mors, error, calamitas, demon, lepra fugiunt,” and with their eyes they rummaged through every angle, every cleft, every hole, looking for what they had lost. “Cedunt mare, vincula,
membra resque perditas… The sea and the chains surrender, everyone finds what was once lost…


It was a popular belief that this old chant, called Sequeri, was able to involve in the searching process one of the most famous and powerful saints, Saint Anthony of Padua, and, thanks to him, thimbles, needles or earrings leaped out, in the most grateful jubilation.


But even if you knew it all and chanted it believing what you’re saying, there would still be an object that would sometimes be able to resist to any magic: the lost key! The event is surely a panicky one, evoking ominous consequences. To avoid finding yourself in this unpleasant situation, and thus having to turn the house upside-down, there are a few tips that could be very helpful.


It takes method. Or technology.


For the first one, try to be meticulous in putting your keys always in the same place. It can seem trivial, but it is a discipline exercise that allows you avoid any hitch. A small plate or a decorated bowl on the cabinet by the entrance door will be fine, but also hanging them behind the door of a closet, or by reevaluating one of those wall key hangers with the painted panel and a lot of hooks that were once so famous. It would be very country chic.


If, instead, you are a hi-tech lover, and you really aren’t capable of being disciplined, you can easily buy on line one of those devices that, when you clap your hands, answer with a sound emitted by the transmitter tied to the key chain, allowing you to hear it from wherever you absent-mindedly left it.


The Bluetooth technology and many apps available allow you to connect the smart phone to the key chain, so that, by pressing a button, one can find the other (indeed, because the cellphone too is very talented at hiding itself): on the screen is thus displayed a map, which you’ll have to follow, and the treasure at the end of the dotted line will be…your keys! It vaguely looks like the Marauder’s Map of Harry Potter, but it works, provided that you remember to charge the key chain batteries, thing that, for an absent-minded person, is not to take for granted.


What you must not do


Sometimes, to solve a problem, instead of acquiring new habits we only need to lose the old ones. Like putting the keys in the pockets of your pants, which will inevitably end up in the clothes hamper bringing with them the precious and indispensable tool. Or throwing the keys on a table full of other objects, papers, magazines or books. If someone moves even a single thing we will be searching for the proverbial keys in a haystack. Or was it a needle? Well, in some tables it’s all the same.


Two ways to always find your keys


So, to avoid continuing to beg the saints, leaving them to fulfill much higher tasks, it is better to follow one of these two ways: the good and old methodical system or the new technological wonder. Otherwise, it means that you really enjoy the hindrances and that you will always end up searching for “the lost keys” as some distracted and adventurous Indiana Joneses.


What about you? Tell us which ways you use to find your keys!