key cutting machine Carat

Of the innovations that have most influenced the world of mechanical key duplication, those introduced by the Carat model, semi-automatic professional machine for flat, cylindrical, auto and cruciform keys most stand out.

The priority of the designers was to improve the comfort of the operator by simplifying and streamlining the routine operations. The clamps have four faces of different configuration allowing a secure grip of the various types of keys. Orientation takes place very easily thanks to a special lever. Also available are two-face clamps with grooves that facilitate rotation. In both cases, convenience is obvious.


Continuing with the idea of clamps, the ergonomic knobs designed for Carat minimise the effort required for secure closure of the keys, meaning this operation can be accomplished rapidly and by anyone.

When it’s time to encrypt, working with a key cutting machine as Carat really makes a difference. The tracer point allows millimetric adjustment to allow for maximum accuracy in calibration, even, as is often the case, working with worn keys.


Another nice touch is the automatic tensioning of the carriage, a technical solution that enables operation with great ease and safety.


During use, the ergonomics of the lever to control the carriage makes the movement particularly smooth and reduces almost all of the wrist twisting effort, a feature that will certainly be appreciated especially by those that perform the operation several times a day.


In a high level professional machine, convenience cannot be separated from safety. For this reason Carat has a specific button to start the brush, a hermetically sealed protective casing that prevents chippings from damaging the transmission components and a semi-automatic device for gauge control.

Carat is a true work station complete with an independent ignition lamp that illuminates the working area and lens for visual control of the key cut, as well as an innovative large chip collecting container.


Many of the functions are all wonderfully integrated into a design where the values of precision mechanics meet innovative aesthetic potential.


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