key shaped pendantsDon’t you just love it? – Love what? – Tiffany’s. Isn’t it wonderful? See what I mean, how nothing bad could happen to you in a place like this?” explained Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And surely the atmosphere of the most famous jewelry store in the world seems heavenly to many people. Holly, the main character of the legendary movie, went there to cure herself of the “mean reds”.


Who knows if she ever glanced at one of those wonderful key shaped pendants made of gold created by the New York jeweler? Sure, the twinkle of the diamonds on the heart-shaped and on the cloverleaf-shaped handle and the elegant appearance made of yellow or white gold can make you forget your troubles…


A couple of years ago, Tiffany presented even an entire Key collection, that, as of today, includes also a jewel-key dedicated to nature, art and classic Italian tradition: it’s called Blossom Key and recalls a 6-petal flower, made of silver, yellow, white or pink gold.


But in every jewelry store we can be satisfied with this kind of bijou, whether we want to express our feeling or seal a love promise. There are all sorts of jewels for all budgets, because the key has always been an excellent choice. In case of a necklace, it is sufficient a simple consideration: what is more significant than a small and precious key worn so close to the heart? A motif that has inspired many goldsmiths of every era.


Thanks to a delicate maneuvering, a lot of creativity and spirit of innovation, many small masterpieces, worthy of a museum, were created, to adorn princesses and important dames or to testify the membership to some exclusive order or club. After all, it’s all about tying someone to somebody else. The glitz of the gemstones, the refinement of the handle decorated with crowns, flowers or imaginary animals, the preciousness with which these bits were chiseled have made these “connections” worthy of art history.


But young lovers don’t need any diamond to pledge a “forever” love. And here’s how simple keys, maybe amber-colored by the patina of time, can become extremely precious for whoever wears them, only because he or she has made them so important. Maybe it’s just a trend, but a very romantic one for sure!


The use of keys, more or less precious, as ornaments can become a folkloric act, turning them into nearly magical objects, as if they were talismans. In some cultures, it is said that they can cure some small ailments such as cough or nervousness. If the bit has three teeth, those surely refer to richness, health and love.


Maybe Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s would have never worn a key that wasn’t worth at least thousands of dollars, but who cares? The fascination of this object has always created so many meaningful stories.


And you? Have you ever worn or given key shaped pendants? Tell us about it in the comment box below!