“Any customer can have a Ford T painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” We’re now very distant from the legendary “leveling” and witty sentence that Henry Ford pronounced in the remote 1909. Today, customization is a key element of the automotive field, not only for the color or the trims, but mostly for the quantity of models that each and every one of the car manufacturers constantly launches on the market, with safety systems that use ever-changing keys.


As drivers, we really enjoy this array of choices. However, let’s look at it from another point of view: to satisfy every client, the locksmith should possess a multitude of very pricey items, even more so since the introduction of the electronic system has enhanced not only the safety but also the proliferation of the systems. Quite a problem.


Making What is Complex Simpler


The issue has been resolved through a change of perspective. Let’s go back to Ford. In one of its keys, the Dearborn Detroit manufacturer introduced an example of separation between the mechanical and the electronic part. On closer inspection, it represented the solution to the problem: a light bulb went off in the technical heads of the Keyline designers who buckled down right away to optimize the system.


In 2002, with the arrival of the fixed code Texas transponder, Keyline launched the final solution. The mechanical part, less expensive, became a very stylized object, with the metal component inserted into a plastic seat to house the electronic head, which could be bought separately.


The horseshoe Keyline system was born, called so because its shape resembled a horseshoe; it is possible to cut it with the Versa, 994 Laser, Desmo or Ninja electronic machines or with the 300 line, Punto, Carat and Easy mechanical machines. Its practicality has made it an immediate success and, today, it allows the locksmiths to have a complete range of keys with a reduced investment and to buy the electronic heads to cut with the 884 Decryptor Ultegra whenever they need them. It is a truly great solution.


Keyline Horseshoe


Towards Universality

The benefits are clear: the costs are lowered, the economic incidence of any possible cutting mistake is decreased and the same horseshoe can be used for different models. The Keyline catalog already contains more than 90, for a total of more than 1300 car models, and it’s constantly updated with new profiles. Furthermore, considering the universality of a transponder such as the Keyline TK100, the system is rapidly evolving towards an even more efficient simplification.


Therefore, even the locksmiths can look at the increasingly higher differentiation of car models with peacefulness, because, thanks to the lucky Keyline horseshoe, the related key proliferation doesn’t scare anyone anymore.