Keyline LigerteamKeyline has been actively supporting the sport of Triathlon, discipline that combines swimming, cycling and the running race in one competition.


Triathlon is an individual multidisciplinary sport. Recently, from 2000, this sport has become an Olympic discipline for males and for females. The Triathlon competitions are constituted by three trials that occur in succession one after the other. The three sports that are included in the official competitions are: swimming, cycling and the running race.


From the strong passion that has always connected us to sport, 9 years ago was born the Keyline Triathlon Ligerteam, competitive team that participates to many Triathlon competition even at an international level.


Thanks to the notoriety that the team has gained for its numerous sporting successes, the Keyline brand isn’t well known only in the key and key cutting machines ambit but even in the sport world, especially in the Triathlon competitions.


In nine years of sport the Bianchi Keyline Triathlon Ligerteam team managed to win many official competitions and it became one of the most competitive entity of the national territory. In May 2013 there has been a competition at Barberino del Mugello, the Italian Championship on long distance. The competition turned out to be a huge success for Massimo Cigana, member of Keyline Ligerteam, that by winning the competition became the new Italian Champion of Triathlon Half Ironman.

Even in the under 25 category Keyline Ligerteam manifested its sporting superiority by putting the promising athlete Francesca Cauz on the podium.