Keyline NinjaChallenges are often the driving force behind innovation. Challenges launched from passion and perhaps, sometimes, also to put ourselves to the test. With a pinch of fun. This was exactly the case with Ninja.


There was an old model of a semi-automatic key cutting machine in the Keyline Research and Development laboratory . A little dusty and tired, with all the signs of an honourable, but alas, outdated career. The technicians engaged in simulations and abstruse engineering calculations, paid no attention to it, but a little at a time, as it emitted a strange call, perceptible only to minds accustomed to mechanics, its presence could not be ignored anymore. And suddenly everyone, noticing it there in a corner, felt a pang of great tenderness (yes, technicians too have a heart!).


And a snap of pride was only natural: why not give it a new life? Why don’t we invent something that will transform this poor machine into a little gem? It seems a little like a fairy tale, perhaps one of those where the pumpkins turn into beautiful carriages, but this is exactly what happened.


The first gift they wanted to give to the old key cutting machine was to remove all of the noises that it used to make in order to make it the quieter machine in the market. Then they concentrated on its compactness and lightness to ensure that it could travel around the world, perhaps on board of a van. They even included a convenient handle on top to be able to move it in any moment and so that it could be used in any environment.


The ideas flourished, new scenarios opened up offering the prospect of a wonderful future for the new model that was taking shape. It would have to integrate simpler and more advanced features to be appreciated by everyone, including by highly experienced locksmiths, with the highest level of speed and ease of use in every situation.


But one commitment was taken from the beginning: it would have to remain absolutely accessible. Indeed, this challenge became a real opportunity to make high range electronic duplication available to a wide public without compromising in any way the performance.


All the features typical of electronic machines already used in the 994 Laser were incorporated into this new model, such as code cutting and decoding, and to raise even more the level, it has been introduced the great innovation of copying with shortcut key, initiating the cutting of a key without console in less than a second.


All of these features were unthinkable without a brain controlling the situation. For the new key cutting machine it has been choosen the latest generation artificial intelligence that transformed it into an advanced technological object with a software for the management of multiple users, the saving of the cut keys, the import of the customized, the communication with Instacode and Promaster, an instructions manual on board and the possibility of downloading updates via the internet. A world of wonder.


And since it had become a truly futuristic machine, in order to adorn it with a design that would be appropriate for it, they took inspiration from an astronaut’s helmet. Double wonder. The first and still unique high-precision compact electronic duplicating machine for flat single and double sided keys with code cutting, copy and decoding facility was born.


Using it is extremely simple. The most basic functions are available already in the stand-alone version with an incomparable speed, always with the utmost precision and reliability. When it is controlled by the console that is mobile, light and designed thought to be accommodated both above the machine, or on the work surface or on the wall, it becomes a marvel, with virtually infinite expansion options.


The box, in which it had been relegated the old semi-automatic machine that had touched the hearts of the brave technicians, was now empty. On the table now shone the new Keyline Ninja. A name that reminds us of the courage, and the madness, in constantly taking on new challenges.


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