Thomas TelfordIn Telford, a large city in the Western Midlands, from the 13th to the 15th of September 2013, Keyline will exhibit at the MLA Locksmith and Security Exhibition.


The city is named after Thomas Telford, civil engineer pioneer in the first industrial revolution, and it’s the location of one of the most important security exhibitions in the United Kingdom.


The location of this exhibition isn’t coincidental. An ancient communication path already existed from the Britons and cobbled during the Roman occupation, and the place was already known in the Middle Ages for the laboriousness of six monastic centers that gave a great economic importance to the region.
The presence of raw materials like coal, iron ore, limestone and clay made it such a strategic place during the industrial revolution, that today it includes a street dedicated to the “masters of iron”.


While communication and industry are in its DNA, Telford is in every aspect, a new town. Between the ’60s and the ’70s the small centers have been joined together, and the new city immediately attracted high technology industries such as Nikon, Hitachi Maxell and Ricoh.
This is the striking context that has been chosen by the locksmiths from all over the United Kingdom to meet every year. At the International Centre in St Quentin Gate, they will arrive from all over the world to show their products and services, to discuss the industry trends and to participate in qualifying training courses.


Keyline is already present in Great Britain with their new showroom at Runcorn in Cheshire county. Keyline UK works closely with the two most important distributors for the English market, Davenport Burgess and NW Keys.
At the MLA Locksmith and Security Exhibition, all Keyline’s technological innovations will be present which attracts great interest from all over the world.


You will be able to see and try the key cutting machines that have become a reference point like Versa, Dezmo, Sigma Pro, 994 Laser, Carat, Falcon, 206, 305, Punto and 884 Decryptor Ultegra, with the new upgrades that draw the best from this successful concept.

If you have time during your trip, visit the Iron Bridge on the Severn river; it’s the first bow bridge in the world built in iron in the 1779, or adjacent to Ironbridge is the suggestive gorge of the same name, World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, which represents an amazing symbol of the industrial abilities and vocation of those places.