losing house keys“These things happen!” Usually, people use this expression when they’re trying to comfort someone for the annoying outcomes of a small misadventure. Just as those that are usually related to losing house keys.


Scene No. 1. House exterior. You arrive by car, turn off the engine, close the car door and Oops!, you drop the keys. Where? Between the cracks of the old manhole covered in rust, of course! Leaving the cursing aside… you start to fiddle with wires, sticks and other improvised tools until the neighbour, moved by the drops of sweat that, by now, have profusely formed on your forehead, arrives with a crowbar and, with just a few expert moves, lifts the grating and frees the keys, which you earnestly hug (while your reward for the kind neighbour consists in a simple handshake and in the promise of a beer one day, sooner or later, maybe…).


Scene No. 2. At the park, in the late afternoon. Ideal evening to jog. Tracksuit, new sneakers, iPod and the house keys in the jacket. Where surely you have also placed your iPod, that you decide to take out because that playlist, sure, it’s nice, but the pace it’s just not right, and then you put it back in your pocket without hearing that clear metal sound, as that of a bunch of keys falling on the floor, and you’re so happy because this is the right pace to jog. And off you go, again with a fast pace. Just the ideal evening. Needless to say, you stayed in the park until midnight, devastated and exhausted, to search for the missing keys, running up and down the same path while brandishing in vain the powerful iPod flashlight. These things happen!


Scene No. 3. House interior. Your girlfriend gave you a keyring: a little embarrassing, to tell the truth, awkward, with a dangling plush bunny, but you haven’t been together for very long, so: “It’s wonderful, just like I wanted it!” And you use it, pretending to be happy. What’s the big deal? It’s just a little lie… Well, it will be a huge deal…In the evening you leave the keys in the usual place and the morning after they’re gone. Panic! It’s late, you have to go to work, today of all days, when you have an important meeting, the keys are nowhere to be found, you look everywhere, but nothing! Until you hear a suspicious sound coming from the doghouse. As a whispered grumble, as…canine jawbone over something soft. Dreadful suspicion! The dog finished off the plushy. At this point, maybe you’ll lose your girlfriend, surely you’ll be late for the appointment that could change your life, but since, luckily, the dog hasn’t swallowed the keys, you can scoot. You’re going to have a truly bad surprise when you get back home, though, because all the keys nibbled by the German Mastiff that you insist on housing in the living room, don’t open the door any more. What a bummer!


Hell’s really breaking loose. Someone found the keys in the spring after having lost them in the winter snow, someone had to pour out the entire garbage bin because, who knows how, the keys had ended up in there, someone had to change the lock and pay the bill only to finally find the keys in the only spot where he/she hadn’t look.


Losing house keys it’s easy, they can be naughty indeed, as if they were animated by a special pixie who constantly comes up with something new, or maybe only by our eternal lack of attention due to our perpetual being in a hurry.