duplicatrice meccanica puntoPunto is such an inspired mechanical key cutting machine that has endured through every evolution of the field. It has been working for almost thirty years and does its job so well that it continues to be the referential entry level machine for laser and dimple keys.


After all this time of honorable career, though, it deserved some kind of intervention. It needed a dash of newness to dust off that 80ish look, something able to make it enter the third millennium proudly, because it still had a lot of this to say and to do. At the beginning of this year, we opted for a restyling that could relaunch it into the market. A sort of “renewed youth operation”.


The mechanical part was still perfectly efficient, so there was no need to touch it. But the knobs were behind their times. The ones, much more functional, from the 994 were available, that make the jaws’ functionality much more easy. And this was already a very important replacement.


The vertical shaft, too, had to be rethought, in order to make it faster and lighter. Today it’s hard to tolerate that old school stiffness, somewhat as driving a car without the power steering. We do it if we have to, but, if we can, we gladly avoid it.


Then, a very practical idea came to mind, a sort of icing on the cake: a cutter holder on the upper part that allows you to have the cutters always organized and at your fingertips. A fundamental comfort, especially for those who work with it a long time without a break.


And since the operator’s safety is an ever-present thought in the minds of Keyline designers, they did not miss the opportunity to change the protective screen in order to make it more comfortable and also more appealing. These improvements had to be underlined with a final touch: the great Keyline-red color, that completed the job by giving to the Punto the look that it deserves, young and captivating.


In June 2013 the new mechanical key cutting machine Punto was ready to hit the market and to face new challenges with its all-time determination. A “workaholic” key cutting machine, a tireless machine truly unique for its sturdiness and reliability, astonishing for its high quality manufacturing and truly cost effective.


At the time of its debut, it represented the perfect solution to cut the dimple keys, which were not very spread back then. Today it becomes the ideal choice for whoever wants to open a dimple and laser key service, from the large chains to the small shops.


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