netiquetteThis page is a space thought by Keyline to establish a direct dialogue with its customers and consumers. We consider constructive every kind of feedback or comment, occasions to question and test ourselves.


Nevertheless, in order to make sure that this virtual square will maintain these characteristics, we ask you to respect some rules of netiquette. We reserve the right to remove all the contents that don’t respect what follows:


- It is forbidden the use of a vulgar language or of a language that is in any way obscene;

- Comments offensive towards ethnic, political and religious groups are not allowed;

- The contents off topic and not pertinent with the subject of the page are forbidden;

- It is forbidden to publish materials of third parties or copyrighted;

- It is forbidden to spam or insert hyperlinks to external websites;

- The promotion of products, services or political organizations is not allowed;

- It is forbidden to post comments that are libelous, threatening or that promote illegal activities;

- For privacy-related matters, it is forbidden to post delicate or personal data belonging to third parties or to other users.


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