Since the time when Japanese culture planted its roots into the Western world, thanks to its refined artistic sense as well as its most popular movies and manga, the word “Ninja” evokes an entire universe of meanings.

The first that comes into our minds is the quietness, because these warriors were able to move without being heard. Then resistance, because they would never surrender. Last, the extraordinary ability to master the martial arts.

Well, isn’t it just impossible not to think of this name for a series of extraordinary key cutting machines?

We already spoke of the ancestor. However, this year, Keyline Ninja hits the headlines thanks to two new models that make it unique in the world of key  duplication. A real concept design that never ends surprising.


Two in one, superior abilities.

The Japanese ninja were not only able to handle the sword. Simultaneously at the use of the Katana, they were able to use a smaller Wakizashi following the refine techniques of “The Book of Five Rings” of Miyamoto Musashi. Faithful to the teachings of the master, Ninja Laser as well uses two “swords” to cut the keys: a double speed circular cutter and an end milling cutter.

Leaving metaphors aside, Ninja project already had a mechanical version (Ninja Dark) together with the first electronic machine and it continued to occupy the screens of Keyline’s technicians that were developing all the possibilities. The idea was to create a real product range to give to the locksmiths an exclusive host of choices with different intervention levels.

The combined use of the two technologies is the real trump card played in these new models. The advantages are of various types: it allows cutting alternatively edge cut keys, door and automotive keys, laser and Tibbe keys by code without changing the cutter, guaranteeing an extended use of the spare parts, and talking about precision, every samurai envies it.


Versatility and intelligence of the warrior

 This new key cutting machine has achieved two other characteristics from the legendary Japanese warriors. The first is the great intervention flexibility, due to the possibility to use on Ninja Laser the jaws of Ninja for automotive keys and to use the jaws for Ninja Laser on Ninja and on 994 Laser.

We can say it is a real teamwork to help all the locksmiths. The second is the intelligence, due to the console’s software Liger designed and developed entirely by Keyline.

The martial arts of the modern era have fortunately lost the original military purpose to become a valid educational system for body and mind. In addition, thanks to Ninja Laser now they are even a valid example for the duplication of the keys. Arigatò!