Ninja Vortex: the art and the technique.

NinjaVortex_calligrafiaSword and paint brush. Iaidō and Shodō. Anyone who is passionate about the heroic deeds of Katsumoto told in the movie “The Last Samurai” will remember how easily these warriors strapped from one to another, shining in duels as in calligraphy, in the struggle with the enemy and the one with themselves and the white sheet in the attainment of perfection.

Of course, the purists will argue that a samurai isn’t a ninja and the less romantic that a key cutting machine is neither a warrior nor a poet. True, but the Ninja Vortex, last born of the family of the Ninja, combines so skillfully the ability to use cutter and engraver that the parallel is spontaneous.


One design, many applications.


Ninja is a large family of key cutting machines. The forefather is the electronic Ninja, followed by the mechanical Ninja Dark. At the Distributor’s Meeting 2014 Keyline has amazed the locksmiths from all over the world by presenting two new versions of this “concept machine”: the Ninja Laser, which was the subject of a previous post and, the Ninja Vortex. A truly unique case in this market segment.


In the original plans of Keyline’s designers, the Ninja idea had to develop successfully also in the field of laser and dimple keys, thus completing an extraordinary offer. Externally, the design remains unchanged. The technical components within specialize in sequential decoding, in the code encryption of high security laser and dimple keys and in the customization of the metallic head with graphic engraving.


Ready for every challenge


As any respected true ninja, it is equipped with an “arsenal” of respect: four jaws to cut the most widespread dimple keys. And as for the incision, a diamond tip capable of engraving words and those modern pictographs that create the trade marks.


To oversee all the functions the new software Liger ® designed and developed entirely by Keyline, the same used by all the latest generations’ key cutting machine from Keyline.


Sword and paint brush, so, for this Ninja, like saying art and technique to deal with any challenge of a modern locksmith.