Prospero BianchiThere’s always magic in the beginning and if these take us back to the past centuries, as for the Bianchi family – incessantly protagonist of the key business since 1770 – the memory has the savor of a new great journey.


To greet the New Year, we went back to the place where it all began, among the mountains of Cibiana di Cadore. After having implemented, in 2013, the greatest technological acceleration of the field, we really needed to travel back in time to hear the echo of ancient words. And after so many innovations, ponder over the meaning of the beginnings.


We did it by making a video, viewable on Keyline TV, dedicated to the beginnings of every beautiful story. The absolute leading character is Prospero Bianchi (1847-1925), the fourth generation of the dynasty. To him we owe the consolidation of the commercial vocation of this historical family of locksmiths.


In 1903 we find him at the Udine Expo, where he earns an Honorable Mention for the quality of the products; in 1908 he’s at the Piacenza Expo, where he wins the Silver medal; in 1909 he arrives in Rotterdam, at the Tentoonstelling International and in 1911 he receives the Silver Medal at the International Expo of the Industries and of the Labor in Turin.


Prospero Bianchi represents the transition between the traditional blacksmith’s work and the activities of a modern businessman, considerate about details, innovation and communication. His key catalog is the first in the whole world to meet the requirements of the rising advertisement concept. It is a masterpiece comprised of seven tables with 213 exquisite drawings which testify the quality of the production and of the design.


Drawing is one of the great capabilities of Prospero, practiced by proposing original key shapes to the clients and by his inclination for writing. We started from this suggestion to recreate “Prospero’s tale”, imagining him at his desk, after having returned from one of his frequent journeys, with the nib firmly held in his hand and his thoughts aimed at the future.


His keys could be bigger than 15 centimeters, with the head and the bit welded onto a forged stem, in order to allow an easy movement of the heavy mechanism of the epochal locks. And today, in a time when the world is dematerializing and becoming more and more digital, when innovation lets us already live in a sci-fi world, our far away beginnings teach us the concreteness, the courage and the authentic passion for work.


In the video, the original master invites us to continue his journey and to find new ways for the technology of keys, key cutting machines and transponders. And to launch new challenges while holding the helm towards the future.


Happy 2014 to everybody, the year of Prospero and of all undaunted seekers of wonders.