Before we fall asleep, is always nice to wish each other sweet dreams. We were wished so when we were kids and even now, when we lean our heads on the pillow, it is a natural thing to let ourselves go hoping that Morpheus will grant us a nice, reinvigorating and optimistic dream adventure.


And what if we dream about keys?

A locksmith will think that he has overdone it with work and that he absolutely needs to take a vacation. And what if he dreams about them even in a wonderful seaside resort? Keep your shirt on, he’s not on the brink of a nervous breakdown. The symbolism of the key crosses the boundaries of the wakefulness and affects also the meaning of dreams. Or so tell us those who know about it.

symbolism of the key

When a key appears during a dream, often the hidden meaning, that is what our subconscious is trying to tell us, pertains to a change in our lives. Or better, how we are living that change. Have we moved to a new house or city? Or did something change in our work or in our relationships or do we fear that something in our life could mutate abruptly? Here’s why a key can appear in our dreams, because maybe the new situation scares us or, on the contrary, offers us big opportunities to seize.


In all these cases, our subconscious chooses the key symbol to tell us that there’s always something that we can and have to do. And maybe it is right before our very eyes. A way to encourage us, then, because, in any case, we have to find the solution by ourselves, while awake and with our eyes wide open. And then, it is well known that the subconscious is a remarkable riddler! But it always gives us some clue.


If the key is delivered to us, the answers we’re seeking will be provided by someone. If, instead, we are delivering it, then we have to help someone in need. But if we find it in an unknown place, when we wake up we’ll be on our own in trying to solve the situation.


There’s one thing, in our life as in our dreams, that we have to wish it doesn’t occur: breaking or losing the key. Nothing serious, of course, but it could mean that we are not ready for the solution of the problem yet, or that the one we have thought up is not going in the right direction. An original way to tell us: better luck next time! Maybe after having waited a bit.


To discover something more about dreams and better interpret the symbolism of the key, we have to note down all the details, both the feelings that we felt and the objects, the colors, the places and the characters. Nothing is unimportant and this will help us understand to which sphere of our life is the symbol related to, while knowing that a key always has to do with locking and unlocking, to wit, with the acceptance or the denial of something.


And what if the dream is truly golden, meaning that there a shiny metal key in it? Then our subconscious has taken us in a fairy tale situation, and maybe, among the palaces and castles, it will guide us towards something truly precious, a secret, maybe, that could change our life for the better.


Have you ever had a dream about keys? Leave a reply in the box below and tell us about it!