994Laser - KEYLINEUsually work is never associated to aesthetics. Generally you never think that the electronics for locksmiths could be, besides resistant and ready for everything, even a little bit fashionable. If you think so, turn on the new 994 Laser console and you will definitely change your mind.


Starting from the first frame, the key cutting machine just launched from Keyline brings us in a new visual world, made of simplicity, clearness and efficiency. Right, because the brain of this new version has really changed its way of thinking.


A new cutting experience


994 Laser is universally recognized for its versatility and precision, with a design perfect in any situation connected to the automotive sector. Now, this extraordinary usability becomes even more efficient thanks to the new console with an innovative colored graphic interface.


It’s well known that a locksmith can have a big or a small amount of space available, and he usually uses even a van for the mobile service. A key cutting machine like the new 994 Laser becomes the ideal solution. The console is inserted in an ergonomic stand with an accommodation for tools and accessories and it can be placed anywhere, both on the working plan and on the wall.


Frequently the work becomes tough, and you can’t split hairs while using the key cutting machines, as much as it might be sophisticated. “Do my hands have to be clean to touch the new 994 Laser touch screen?” Of course not.

And what if absent-mindedly touch an icon with the key I have in hand or with a screwdriver?” No problem, do it, anytime you want. The hardware is of industrial type, it’s not at all delicate and it can be used without too many concerns in every condition. A real tough nut, with a gentle heart.


Emotional Design


Right, because the interface has an aesthetic inspired to the Zen standards: simplicity, harmony and precision. The graphic sign has a cosmopolitan style that makes easier the learning and the memorization; the logic of the structure organizes the procedures with great functionalities and completeness.


The operative comfort reaches the maximum levels. And the work becomes more pleasant and less stressful, thanks to an interface with a beautiful design and strong as four-wheel drive. And even fast, because the calculating capacity of the new console elevates the standards to the last generation and expands the performances.


With the new 994 Laser the automotive duplication enters in a new dimension, where the strength meets the beauty, and it becomes more trendy.