tibbe key cutting machine - FalconIn 1982, Ford launched on the market a totally new car, ideally the heir of the Taunus, for what concerns the motor controls, but with a completely different design. The Ford Sierra is still famous, to this day, for its innovative rounded lines, for the introduction of the 5-gear shift and, from a locksmith point of view, for a curious and efficient key: the Tibbe.


This locking system did not employ the traditional spring pistons, but an original disc system. Similar types of keys could be found in the Scandinavian countries, developed to avoid the issues related to the very low temperatures. Sure enough, if you introduce a wet key in a piston lock, the water sinks into it and, freezing, it clogs the mechanism. This problem has been completely resolved through the disc-locks.


The Tibbe key is based on a sort of code achieved by three different angles of eight cuts made on a kind of protruding ridge, located near the tip. Each one of these cuts can be flat, medium or full. If we ascribe a number to each of the three positions, 1 for the flat cut, 2 for the medium and 3 for the full, the identification code of the key will result in something like 2-1-2-3-2-2-3-1.


The system had an immediate success, due to its originality and to the fact that it was actually very safe, but also for some practical features, as the fact that the cuts don’t ruin your pockets as some other kind of keys do.


In the first period of the 80s, the Tibbe key was employed also by the Transit, one of the most successful vans, produced since 1953 and with a long and glorious restyling history. When, in 1990, Ford bought Jaguar, this key entered the world of those luxurious cars. Even though the Ford years were a little tormented for the historical British brand, the Tibbe key remains an excellent innovation.


This system is so unique that, to this day, a specific machine is necessary to cut this type of key. The great attention that Keyline has always dedicated to the automotive field in all its aspects, as to make it a strategic business department both for the completeness of the range and for the capability of technological innovation, has been underlined also by the Tibbe key cutting machine, the Focus, a machine which has been produced since the early times of the Conegliano headquarters and that has been only recently replaced by a brand new model.


Today, the Falcon makes a beautiful impression of itself in the Keyline catalog; this high quality machine, practical and solid, with excellent performances and a captivating design, represents the ultimate cutting solution for these special type of keys.


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