By now it’s almost a conditioned reflex: if we have a doubt, if we want to know quickly how to do something, we surf the web to find a tutorial. It might be a trick with Photoshop or a recipe for dinner, there’s (almost) always a video in internet that answers our needs.


Today this is possible also for the locksmiths that choose Keyline key cutting machines. Their ease of use is legendary, still, in front of the latest generation technology and the unavoidable need of precision, the will of being surely guided at the discovery of all the functions and of the best way of using them is natural.


Things couldn’t be easier. You just have to visit the product pages of the website, the YouTube channel or Keyline TV to find a complete editorial plan articulated point by point. It will be like having a Keyline technician in your shop and quick answers to the essential questions. How convenient!

Tutorial Keyline


Precise as a professional video-course


The images show the correct sequence to complete the routine operations. With the key cutting machine on the working plan and the video at your fingertips, learning to use a key cutting machine and all its upgrades becomes a simple, fast and really satisfying operation.


The explanations get immediately to the point in order to be clear and not to waste precious time. The technical language is clear as if it was a real professional and complete video-course regarding Keyline duplicating world.


The launch of the new tutorials took place the 20th of January with the first series dedicated to the cloning device 884 Decryptor Ultegra and to the mechanical key cutting machines Carat, East, 303, 305, Punto, 201, 202, 203, 204, 206, Falcon and Arcadia.


If you turn on one of Keyline key cutting machines for the first time, or if you are not familiar with them, but you want a confrontation or a check, you are welcome in the video media Keyline! Enjoy!