Our target is to meet your needs!

To support our customers is our priority with the objective to assure them a service which is continuative in time.


Starting from the working environment and in every moment of the day, our Company is always receptive and willing to listen your problems, suggestions and necessities.

In the last years Keyline has tried to establish a dialogue as direct and as sincere as possible with its customers considering constructive every type of feedback that comes from outside and finding in every suggestion a valid occasion to question and to test ourselves.


keyline social network


It’s really important for our Company to establish an active dialogue with the customers that choose Keyline’s products with the aim to satisfy the need of every single person.

To help the communication between the Company and the customers we decided to open, as a space to communicate, our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest) to create a interactional space which is dynamic and quick. Where you can interact with Keyline.


Our social channels want to be a bit like the keys that we produce: they have to “open” a direct relationship between the people that believe in us and in our products.

These channels will also be useful to keep you informed on the news on Keyline, like the new updates, catalogue changes or newness on the products.

With a passionate invite we ask you to build a relationship with us on:

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