where to hide the house keysEvery house has its secret. Inside the flower pot beside the door, behind a projecting stone in a wall, above the security gate perhaps with a magnet to hold it in place. You’ve got it, the secret in question is the hiding place of the spare key.


It’s easy to organise and is very useful if you rush out having left your door key in the hold-all box near the front door and, rightly so, the next person out closes the door behind them. Or if you think it’s a little early to get a key cut for your kids but you still want to prepare them for greater responsibility, and above all to ensure they come back at the expected time, even if you’re out, you can confide this secret hiding place to them


Of course, no-one else need know because especially in this sort of situation, the divulging of such an important secret could have truly unpleasant consequences.


With regard to the lyrics of the timeless Lucio Battisti, from his song “7 e 40″ that inform us that the key was “sempre lì, lì sulla finestra” [always there, there on the window], we’ll limit ourselves to giving you some objective tips, the first of which is only to disclose the essential details of your choice.



Have you ever heard of fake garden stones? They blend in perfectly with real ones and have a recess where you can easily hide more than one key. The idea is so good that someone has developed a thriving business around it.


And what can we say about the fish pond? Certainly, the first point is having one but who would bother to go and look to see whether there was a key in a plastic bag tied with string to an innocuous piece of wood?


In one episode of the Sopranos, the protagonist, an expert in subterfuge and especially in dishonesty, would hide his money at the bottom of a sack of animal feed. One idea, with variations that may be somewhat daunting for strangers, is the dustbin, where a bottle could be put to good use again (as long as you remember which day the refuse collectors call by). The tool shed is full of possibilities: bags of fertiliser, boxes with old tiles, roof beams, rubber boots but it’s best to forget the rat poison box


Strolling through the garden, we might be attracted by an almost invisible cubbyhole in a tree. Perfect, that’s the right place. Perhaps a lamp with a large shade? It could be ideal for the purpose. Of course, if you live in an apartment the possibilities are somewhat reduced but don’t be discouraged: there is even a pretend credit card with space to keep a key safe in your wallet or outdoor thermometers with a hole at the back or fake watering cans for flower pots, all available for purchase online.


And if none of this convinces you, well, you can always put it under the mat. Who would think that you would have chosen such an obvious place?